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MHSF is proud of our Christian history, and the legacy of this foundation is to foster that same commitment in the tireless pursuit of our mission.

It all started over apple pie.

1958 - Kenneth Schor and Reverend John Koelemay were in the kitchen slicing apple pies to serve as dessert at the Gentilly Methodist Church men's meeting. While sharing their concerns of the lack of a critical care hospital in their community, Mr. Schor's concern for his wife's health and the wellbeing of other families with chronic health issues, sparked an idea.

1959 - Mr. Schor's somewhat, unconventional, plan for building a hospital was conceived. With the encouragement of his pastor Reverend Koelemay, he brought that inspired idea to the church's men's group. The need for quality hospital care in their community was clearly evident. There were no nearby hospitals in the eastern New Orleans area, and the city's healthcare institutions were experiencing a severe bed shortage. A wait of 45 days for elective surgery was not uncommon. 

1960 - Word of the possible hospital spread quickly within his church and community, and with input and continued support of his pastor and friends, Schor's vision gained momentum and sprouted wings.

June 14, 1961 - Gentilly East Hospital was organized and incorporated by the Gentilly Hospital Association.

1962 - The name was officially changed to Methodist Hospital. Fundraising campaigns began to raise the needed $3.5 million for construction costs. Schor, with Reverend Koelemay by his side, spearheaded the massive undertaking by challenging every Methodist Church minister in Louisiana, along with state and local government officials, business and civic leaders and citizens in the primary service area, to pledge their financial participation in this community service project.

In order, to serve the Gentilly and East Gentilly area, the primary service area at the time, the eastern side of the Industrial Canal was the only logical site choice. There was no Interstate 10 at the time, and there were many deaths from heart attacks and accidents because hospitals were too far away, or because the Industrial Canal Bridge was in the "up" position.

Community leaders George Williams of Metairie, and Bill James of Ruston gifted five acres each, of what is now Crowder Boulevard at I-10. In addition, 3.5 acres was donated by Marvin Kratter of the Kratt Corporation. Kenneth Schor along with many other committed citizens and businesses made their financial pledge toward the remainder of the land needed. With pledges and shrewd trade negotiations, Schor acquired the present 22.5-acre campus.

  • 1963 - Officially accepted by the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church
  • 1967 - Construction began
  • 1968 - The first patient was admitted and the first baby was born on September 25th.
  • 1969 - The hospital's first intensive care unit opened
  • 1971 - One hundred eighty-one beds were in full utilization as a coronary care unit and the department of cardiac studies opened
  • 1979 - Rededicated as Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital in honor one of the hospital's founding Board Members and benefactors, Pendleton Lehde.
  • 1983 - Methodist Health System Foundation (MHSF) was established as the system holding company of Pendleton Memorial Hospital (PMMH), as well as a vehicle for vertical integration of related healthcare services, and for fundraising for the organization.
  • 1985 - Methodist Care Center for the treatment of minor emergencies opened in Chalmette. Home Health services were established.
  • 1986 - The Methodist Psychiatric Pavilion admits its first patient.
  • 1988 – Methodist Hospital Cancer Center opens
  • 1994 - Advanced Surgery Center opened. The first hospital-wide Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) team launched. Medical Center of East New Orleans (MCENO) was acquired.
  • 2003 - Sale of majority ownership of Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital to Universal Health Services. Establishment of the formal mission for our Legacy Foundation. Given the competitive nature of the New Orleans market, the Board of Directors of PMMH, upon senior management's recommendation, decided that the best strategy for the survival of the Hospital was to seek a capital partner. A third party was used to solicit interest in a purchase/partnership arrangement that included a partial interest in a new hospital entity (PMH, LLC) by MHSF or one of its subsidiaries. After an extensive search, Universal Health Services (UHS) of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, was selected as the best candidate.
  • 2005 - Methodist Hospital closes due to Hurricane Katrina. Methodist Health System Foundation establishes temporary offices in pursuant of our mission. The rebuilding process begins.
  • 2007 - MHSF introduces a School Based Health Center on the campus of Chalmette High School
  • 2008 - Moved into new MHSF building at Oak Harbor Boulevard, Slidell, LA
  • 2013 - MHSF introduces a School Based Health Center on the campus of Nunez Community College
  • 2015 - MHSF celebrated a decade of difference as a Legacy Foundation