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Message to the Community

Helping people to do the most good in our community is what Methodist Health System Foundation (MHSF) does best. It begins by understanding the needs of the community, the areas where the most impact can be achieved, what nonprofit resources are available and when additional resources can be brought to bear, to make a difference.

MHSF remains focused on making a positive difference in the communities we serve and we see no better measure of the effectiveness of our healing mission. This is why MHSF does all it can to connect and assist with the organizations, individuals, partners and groups that can positively touch the lives in the communities of East New Orleans and beyond.

Last year The Daughters of Charity and The University of Holy Cross recognized MHSF's contribution and dedication to the community. As a faith-based organization, it is our privilege to serve the community where we can, by any means we can, in any way we can. We are humbled by the commendations.

Through responsible stewardship as a legacy foundation, MHSF strives to commit valuable resources year after year to a variety of programs and services that insures sustainability of services well into our future. Our grantees, along with the programs and services we support directly and indirectly contribute to improving the quality of lives through quality health care, education, prevention and accessibility to services. We are inspired by the efforts our partnerships have made this year.

In the spirit of gratitude, coupled with increasing opportunities to impact change, we look to the future filled with excitement and hope for all that can be accomplished through collaboration and like-minded partnerships. Thank you for your prayers and continued support in our shared vision for the physical, mental and spiritual development of individuals, communities and our world.


Sincerest Regards,

Mr. Patrick M. Gibbs, Chairman

Mrs. Wendy M. Beron, President

Mr. Patrick M. Gibbs
Chairman of the Board
Methodist Health System Foundation

Mrs. Wendy M. Beron
Methodist Health System Foundation