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Message to the Community

Methodist Health System Foundation (MHSF) strives to help produce self-sustaining individuals and communities. Our work, through the operations of our school-based health centers and grant funding of healthcare initiatives, is wholly focused on furthering this vision.

Accordingly, we are excited to share a summary of MHSF’s contributions over the past year as we highlight the progress and success of our partners throughout the community. Their work is remarkable, inspiring and impactful. Increasing the scope of our collaborative efforts expands MHSF’s ability to address complex healthcare challenges in more innovative ways.

We are particularly proud of our school-based health services in St. Bernard Parish as they continue to expand. Through a strong, committed partnership with school leaders, the St. Bernard Parish Public School System and Nunez Community College, we served over 2,600 patients with 10,669 visits last year. Responding to demand, we are increasing behavioral health services to meet the broad needs of the targeted population and continue our tradition of easily accessible, quality healthcare services.

In celebrating 15 years, MHSF remains committed to the people we serve. Your continued support and prayers encourage our work and provide a catalyst for improving our community’s health and well-being.


Sincerest Regards,

Patrick M. Gibbs, Chairman
Wendy M. Beron, President

Mr. Patrick M. Gibbs
Chairman of the Board
Methodist Health System Foundation

Mrs. Wendy M. Beron
Methodist Health System Foundation