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Message to the Community

Here in South Louisiana, we can expect to drive through fog about 50 days a year. Regardless of our driving expertise, when dense fog rolls in, so do anxiety and concern. As we navigate life during this COVID-19 pandemic, we can experience similar feelings of anxiety and concern. Methodist Health System Foundation (MHSF) has met these uncertainties with faith in God, our civic partners, families, friends and communities. We are positioning ourselves to rebound stronger and more creatively than before.

Since its inception sixteen years ago as a legacy foundation, MHSF has steered its resources toward community health independence and family stability. Addressing food disparities and accessibility to healthcare are essential elements of our primary focus. Our partners consistently supply important and timely resources to those in need. We are showing a young generation how to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Through MHSF partnerships, young people are learning life-changing skills that position their generation for a healthier, happier and more responsible future.

We are proud of the contributions and creativity our community partners demonstrated through this adversity. It is our pleasure to share the following summary that reflects some of the accomplishments of MHSF and our community partners this year.

Our School Based Health Center (SBHC) continued to show a steady increase in the number of students seeking assistance with physical and behavioral health issues. In an effort to continue providing these important services to our students, SBHC clinical health services remain open after schools closed. Behavioral health services continue by phone and telehealth contact, providing tremendous value to our most vulnerable youth-many of whom struggle during this unpredictable period.

As this global fog lingers for a term we cannot predict, we hope the crisis will pass quickly and a bright sun begins to light our horizon. Thank you for your consistent support of MHSF in 2019-2020. It is with steadfast faith we remain committed to our community and resolve to expand and strengthen our efforts in the years to come.


Dr. Patrick E. Mottram, Chairman
Wendy M. Beron, President


Dr. Patrick E. Mottram


Wendy M. Beron