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Rowley Alternative School

C.F. Rowley Alternative School – Chalmette, LA

In 2018, in partnership with St. Bernard Parish Public School System, MHSF expanded counseling services to C.F. Rowley Alternative School. This partnership allows for intensive mental health service to be offered to the most at risk youth in the school system. Students receive one on one therapy to assist them with some of the mental health issues that may have contributed to their academic challenges. MHSF offers bridge behavioral mental health services for students transitioning back to mainstream school. This service assists students in adjusting to more traditional schooling.

MHSF mental health counselors work closely with school administration, faculty and staff, in addition to working closely with guardians in providing needed behavioral and mental health services.

Our licensed mental health counselors offer therapy in both group and individual formats and incorporate multiple therapeutic modalities in care delivery.

For more information call: 504-278-6319

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